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Our services

At Decorations de Noë, you benefit from an all-inclusive turnkey service.

This service includes design, rental of Christmas lights and decorations, mounting and connection materials, a timer, professional installation and maintenance of the system until the end of the holiday season.

The operation of the lights is therefore guaranteed.

We then collect and store everything until next year.

You will then be able to keep the same design (with a substantial discount) or make changes to it (costs to be determined) if you wish.



We use only quality lightsprofessional to be able to guarantee proper operation throughout the season


We use the appropriate tools to install lights and wreaths.


You no longer have to worry about removing the lights. We make an appointment with you for the uninstallation.


We store the decorations for you in our warehouse in a secure and personalized manner. Next year, they will be ready to be re-installed at a lower cost.


lumières de Noël
Can you install my decorations?

No, we only install the decorations that we supply in order to guarantee their proper functioning and quality

lumières de Noël
What can you illuminate?

We can install lights on:

  • house cornices

  • window towers

  • columns

  • roof lines

  • trees

  • shrubs

  • poles

  • mail boxes

  • perimeter of the entrance

  • others

We also have crowns that we can install for you.

lumières de Noël
How much does it cost?

The price depends on the work to be done.  We usually charge per linear foot of lights to be installed but the price may vary depending on the degree of difficulty of the project.  

However, we have a minimum of $850 for the service.

For trees and shrubs, the price is based on the number of light extensions needed.

Prices include:

equipment, installation, uninstallation and storage.
We offer a 15% discount on the 2nd year.

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